Featured Courses

AIDA 1&2

The most popular entry point into freediving, this course seamlessly integrates the first and second levels of the AIDA educational ladder in a fun and engaging 2-day program.

Underwater Foraging

Start your journey where you'll discover a diverse array of sustainable foods that can be gathered, cooked and eaten from the foreshore and beneath the waves.

2 Day Spearfishing

In this 2 day course we focus on the art of spearfishing and foraging, where to hunt, what to expect and how to land your catch. Lemon and chips at the ready!

Welcome to Cornwall's newest inland dive site
Once an old granite quarry now a 37-meter dive spot for both training and recreational diving.
Exclusively for members, enjoy our waters as a Freediver, Scuba diver or Open water swimmer.
The calmest waters even on the roughest day.
Delphy is perfect for practicing dive skills, training and of course regular dive club meets.

Finish off your day at Delphy Pool with a relaxing, warming, soul-strengthening dip in our wood-fired hot tub

Freediving, Scuba and Open water swimming site in Cornwall

At Delphy Pool dive centre, we’re passionate about creating an extraordinary diving experience that pushes boundaries and unlocks the hidden depths of adventure.

We welcome both freedivers and scuba divers to our site. Delphy Pool, was once a magnificent granite quarry with depths reaching up to 37 meters. 

With our dedicated entry steps designed for scuba divers and depth-secured fixed lines available for freedivers, we strive to provide a seamless and secure experience for all.

So, come join us at Delphy Pool, where thrilling adventures await.

We are now operating as normal!