Our Facilities

As a valued member of Delphy Pool, you have access to a range of facilities designed to enhance your diving and swimming experience.

We believe in providing a comprehensive and welcoming environment that caters to your needs both in and out of the water. Here are the facilities you can enjoy

Diver-Friendly Refreshments
After an exhilarating dive or swim, replenish your energy at our dedicated refreshment area. We offer a variety of snacks and beverages to satisfy your post-activity cravings. Our menu is carefully crafted to provide nourishment and hydration for divers and swimmers, ensuring you stay refreshed and energized throughout your time at our site.

Retail Shop
Stocked with, freediving essentials, swimming accessories, and branded merchandise to commemorate your experiences, our shop has you covered. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in finding the right equipment and offer valuable advice to meet your specific needs.

Hot Showers and Changing Room
Comfort and convenience are paramount at Delphy Pool. We provide modern and well-maintained shower facilities, complete with hot water, allowing you to rinse off and freshen up after your dive or swim. Our changing rooms provide privacy to prepare for your activities or rinse down afterward.

Classroom/Yoga Studio
Education and relaxation go hand in hand at Delphy Pool. Our dedicated classroom and yoga studio offer versatile spaces for learning, workshops, and training sessions. Whether you’re attending a dive theory course, participating in a yoga session to enhance your breathing techniques, or engaging in workshops to deepen your understanding of the underwater world, these facilities provide the perfect environment for personal growth and exploration.

We are committed to ensuring that your time at Delphy Pool is not just about diving or swimming but also about creating a holistic experience. Our facilities are designed to cater to your needs, promote your well-being, and provide a space for learning, relaxation, and social interaction.

Join us and experience the full spectrum of amenities available exclusively to our members. Immerse yourself in a welcoming community and indulge in the comprehensive experience we offer.

We are now operating as normal!