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About Delphy Pool

To ensure the utmost safety and preserve the integrity of our diving community, membership is required to access our site. We prioritize the safety of our divers, and as such, we require all members to present valid certification in diving. This requirement ensures that everyone entering our waters has the necessary skills and knowledge to fully enjoy their underwater journey.

We welcome both freedivers and scuba divers to indulge in the wonders of our site. Delphy Pool, our captivating dive location, was once a magnificent granite quarry with depths reaching up to 36 meters. It offers a diverse and mesmerizing underwater landscape. With our dedicated entry steps designed for scuba divers and depth-secured fixed lines available for freedivers, we strive to provide a seamless and secure experience for all.

Freedivers, in particular, have the flexibility to bring their own buoy and line to create their personalized diving environment. They can explore the depths of our waters and embrace the unique challenges and beauty that freediving offers.

While we do not offer diving courses ourselves, we are committed to supporting our members in their quest for knowledge and skill development. We gladly recommend reputable instructors and schools specializing in both freediving and scuba diving. These instructors are adept at catering to various experience levels, ensuring that you receive the guidance and training you need to excel in your diving pursuits.

We also extend a warm welcome to instructors and schools who wish to bring up to four uncertified students for training. Our facility provides a conducive environment for skill-building and education, allowing instructors to guide their students through immersive and enlightening sessions.

In addition to catering to freedivers and scuba divers, we extend a warm welcome to open-water swimmers and stand-up paddleboarders seeking an invigorating aquatic experience. At Delphy Pool, we recognize the unique allure and challenges of open water swimming and SUPing and are delighted to provide a safe and supportive environment.

Delphy Pool, with its expansive waters and breathtaking surroundings, serves as an idyllic setting for open-water swimming and SUPing enthusiasts. Please note that as with all our activities, membership and adherence to safety guidelines are essential. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our members and strive to create an environment where all water enthusiasts can thrive.

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