Sept 28th - 5th Oct 2024

Spearfishing Turkey Sept 28th - 5th Oct 2024
Air Tickets: currently £70 return

A rare opportunity to also dive and gain tips from a highly respected and Legendary Turkish spearo who holds the record for largest Tuna caught!!! 

Excellent catch opportunities

Following on from a successful trip in October we will revisit Marmaris again this September. With Sea temperatures around 16-19 degrees for the Uk spearos this is still luxury and a great way to start the year with some promising diving.
Spearing tasty med catches like Amber Jak, Yellow Jak, Octopus, Squid,  Sargo, White Bream, Mullet, Gilt Head, Grouper and lots more were all caught on the last trip.​

What to expect

We will work on Spearfishing technique, lengthening the breath hold for deeper dives, Co2 training, depth training, equalisation training, free diving specific stretching, ​​lung stretches will be covered, And even play around with variable weight dives. How to approach deeper dives by using meditation and visualisation techniques.

Added Value

While this week primarily focuses on spearfishing and freediving training, it’s essential to recognize that these activities can be quite physically demanding. Therefore, we’ve incorporated some local traditions that provide a much-needed break. It’s well-known that the accumulation of antioxidants and CO2 in the body can hinder breath-holding capabilities. Here in Marmaris, we have the perfect solution, and there’s no better time for it than halfway through your holiday.

The Turkish have a name for it – the HAMAM (optional). It involves a full-body massage while you lie on hot marble, followed by saunas and steam rooms. The invigorating scrubs will leave you feeling rejuvenated and well-prepared for your deep-sea adventures. We understand the importance of a rest day during your holiday, and this experience will undoubtedly leave your friends and family back home feeling envious.

What's Included?

The price includes  accommodation transfers at set time to and from airport in Dalamn.  Flights are currently £70 return  + your baggage fees,  but will go up so would be wise to book asap they will go up, Deposit is non refundable. remaining  amount to be paid two weeks before flying out. All boats are included, you’ll need your own equipment there is a shop with basic spearfishing guns and bits and bobs,  As long as you have covered the basics of freediving and have a little bit of experience were here to help you progress in what will be an unforgettable destination under highly skilled knowledgable instructors. You’ll enjoy boat trips, shore dives and stunning views along the Aegean Sea. Not mention warm water, setting you up for the new season. Currently four spaces Only. Yoga mats will be provided. Two weeks dry pre holiday training will be given as well as and FOC entry to Delphy pool x2 sessions to get some pre diving in you will need a buddy. You will also gain a free membership To Delphypool for the year (Aida 2 or equivalent needed) 

Any kit needed we can provide at special discounted course rate. please ask.

The full holiday price is £1,850 – to secure your booking we require a non refundable deposit payment of £350 non refundable. The balance will be required a few days before the holiday date. If you need to come for a day shorter or want to stay a bit longer sure we can sort it. Subject to terms and conditions there must be min two people on this course to make it run  refunds will be given if the min is not met.

Any questions, please email

Designed for the adventurer in you.

Spearfishing Turkey Sept 28th - 5th Oct 2024
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