Underwater Marine Foraging Course

Underwater Marine Foraging

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Courses cost £150 per person and are conducted over one day here in Cornwall in small groups (see calendar) or for larger groups on request.

Underwater Foraging

Embark on a unique culinary adventure as you discover a diverse range of sustainable foods harvested from the foreshore and beneath the waves, all through the art of freediving.

This course exclusively focuses on hand gathering techniques, eschewing spearguns in favor of freediving skills. Acquaint yourself with fundamental freediving techniques that empower you to collect a bounty of food from the depths.

Explore the shorelines for edible seaweeds, shoreline plants, herbs, mollusks, and crustaceans. Learn the art of locating, gathering, preparing, and utilizing these marine delights.

This one-day course imparts the knowledge of gathering marine foods sustainably. For those seeking a more comprehensive experience on the freediving side consider the 3 day extended course.

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