The Art of Spearfishing and Foraging One Day

Embark on a journey with Delphy pool, where spearfishing and foraging transcends being a mere sport - it becomes a sustainable and ethical way to gather food for your table.

One-Day Spearfishing and Foraging Adventure

Embark on an exciting adventure that invites you to explore the hidden treasures of the ocean depths. Our one-day taster into spearfishing and foraging course is a unique opportunity to skillfully harvest your own scallops, lobsters, and crabs, curated by the expertise of National Spearfishing Champion Matt Hill and AIDA Master Instructor Oli.


Course Highlights

Developed by Experts: Matt Hill and Oli, with their extensive experience, have crafted this unique foraging adventure. They spend each year traveling the world, diving with the best freedivers and champion spearfishers, ensuring an exceptional and up-to-date experience. You’ll learn Gun rigging skills and how to use the Gun and how to forage . If your looking to go deeper and hold your breath, Check out the 2 day or 3 day course we offer. 

What's It All About?

Sustainable Spearfishing: Discover the art of sustainable spearfishing, where participants can ensure the catch is the right species and size before it’s caught. This eco-friendly approach minimizes by-catch and stress on other fish populations, contributing to responsible fishing practices.

Responsible Foraging: Learn the art of responsible foraging and sustainable practices that harmonise with the environment. Understand the ecological importance of ethical harvesting.

Flexible Schedule: Our foraging adventures are available throughout the year, ensuring you can join based on your availability and favourable weather conditions. This designed for surface to one meter or so diving. The course touches on Apnea  but not taught on this course, mainly for string weed or shallow water hunting no long breath hold needed.



No prerequisites are demanded, but participants are expected to have the ability to wear a mask and use snorkel and swim confidently.After the forage, enjoy a delightful cook-up, savouring the freshly harvested catch. It’s a perfect way to conclude your day of sustainable spearfishing and exploration. This does depend on time and location and weather.Join us for an unforgettable freedive foraging and spearfishing experience at Delphy. Secure your spot and immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean!


Please note that no refunds are provided for non-attendance.

Designed for people who may not be super-confident in water, not wanting to do breath holds or dive down more than a meter so.

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