Two-Day Spearfishing

Embark on a journey with Delphy pool, where spearfishing and foraging transcends being a mere sport—it becomes a sustainable and ethical way to gather food for your table.

Two-Day Sustainable Spearfishing Course

Immerse yourself in the art of sustainable spearfishing with our comprehensive two-day course, meticulously crafted by National Spearfishing Champion Matt Hill and AIDA Master Instructor Oli. This unique experience combines theoretical insights, practical skills, and hands-on spearfishing in the ocean.

Day 1 - Freediving and Buddying

  • Freediving Theory: Understand the principles of freediving, essential for a successful and safe spearfishing experience.
  • Breath-Hold Techniques: Discover the secrets of breath-hold, crucial for underwater dives to catch fish.
  • Equalisation Techniques: Master equalising ear pressure during descent, ensuring a comfortable and safe dive.
  • Recovery Breathing: Learn effective techniques for recovery breathing after a breath-hold, enhancing endurance.
  • Buddy Rescue: Acquire skills for rescuing a buddy up to 10m, fostering a sense of responsibility and safety.
  • Freediving and spearfishing Equipment: Understand the intricacies of equipment used specifically for freediving.
  • Spearfishing Techniques: Delve into the intricacies of spearfishing, covering equipment setup, loading a speargun, and refining aiming skills.
  • Dive Planning: Master the art of dive planning, understanding tides, currents, and sea charts, Apps, for safe and effective shore dives.
  • Hunting Strategies: Learn specialised techniques for hunting different species responsibly, contributing to sustainable spearfishing practices.

After a day of learning, relax and unwind in our wood-fired hot tub, set against the picturesque backdrop of Delphy’s surroundings. Take advantage of Delphy’s top-notch facilities, including hot showers, a dedicated classroom, and a retail store.

Day 2 - The Hunt

  • A full day out at sea putting into practise our hunting techniques and Apnea freediving skills.
  • Dispatching and Cleaning: Understand ethical practices for dispatching and cleaning fish, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  • boats is additional  £35-£45 (subject to fair weather and tide conditions) paid on the day.

Added Value

This course goes beyond traditional offerings, providing not just education but an immersive experience. With Delphy’s outstanding facilities, including hot showers, changing facilities, a cafe, and a wood-fired hot tub, participants enjoy added comfort and relaxation.

Sustainable Spearfishing Focus:

Throughout the course, a strong emphasis is placed on sustainable spearfishing practices. Matt and Oli share insights into responsible fishing, ensuring participants not only learn to catch fish but do so with minimal impact on marine ecosystems

All Equipment Provided

We supply all necessary equipment, allowing participants to focus on learning and enjoying the experience without the hassle of gear management.

Join us for a transformative two days of sustainable spearfishing education. Secure your spot for an unparalleled course with added value at Delphy!




Designed for people who are reasonably comfortable and confident in water.

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