3-Day Spearfishing

Embark on a journey with Delphy pool, where spearfishing and foraging transcends being a mere sport—it becomes a sustainable and ethical way to gather food for your table.

Three-Day Mastering Spearfishing Course

Embark on a transformative journey to become a master spearo with our comprehensive three-day course, meticulously designed by National Spearfishing Champion Matt Hill and AIDA Master free dive and spearfishing Instructor Oli. This immersive experience encompasses freediving certification, spearfishing theory, and a full-day spearfishing adventure.

Day 1 - AIDA 1 Certification

Freediving Basics:

Dive into the fundamentals of freediving, covering theory, breath-hold techniques, and equipment usage.

AIDA 1 Certification:

Work towards achieving your AIDA 1 qualification, marking the beginning of your freediving journey.

Equipment Mastery:

Learn the essentials of spearfishing equipment and its setup for optimal performance.

Breath-Hold Techniques:

 Develop crucial breath-hold skills, setting the foundation for underwater dives.

Day 2 - AIDA 2 Certification

Advanced Freediving Techniques:

Progress to more advanced freediving techniques, including equalization, buddy rescue, and dive planning.

AIDA 2 Certification:

Attain your AIDA 2 qualification, demonstrating proficiency in essential freediving skills.

Advanced Spearfishing Theory:

Dive into spearfishing theory, covering target practice, rigging a gun in and out of water, and safety considerations.

Bottom Time Mastery:

Understand the concept of bottom time, crucial for successful and safe spearfishing experiences.

At the end of day two, relax and unwind in our wood-fired hot tub, reflecting on the newfound skills acquired.

Day 3 - Mastering Spearfishing

Full-Day Spearfishing Adventure:

Embark on a full-day spearfishing expedition, applying the skills acquired over the previous two days.

Boat Trip (if tides allow):

Enjoy the added thrill of a boat trip to enhance the spearfishing experience. boats is additional  £35-£45 (subject to fair weather and tide conditions) to be paid on the day.

Optional Extra:

Cook Up: Cap off the course with an optional cook-up of the catch, either on the beach or at Delphy, while relaxing in the hot tub. time dependant.

Course Highlights

In-Depth Insight

No other course in the UK offers such a comprehensive understanding of depth, safety, and bottom time in spearfishing.

Become the Best Spearo

Elevate your skills to become the best spearo possible with this in-depth and supportive course.

Optional Cook-Up, time dependant.

Enhance the experience by indulging in a cook-up of the catch, soaking in the success of your spearfishing adventure.

Join us for an unparalleled three-day journey into spearfishing mastery. Secure your spot and become the spearfishing master you aspire to be!


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