Surf Survival

A groundbreaking initiative in the UK, Apnea for Surfers is exclusively designed for surfers deeply committed to advancing their skills. This program proves invaluable for enhancing water confidence, particularly in challenging conditions such as larger waves.

Training Details

Cost: £50 – Includes pool hire or sea session and basic equipment. Includes theory and pool or open-water sessions.

Crafted by some of the nation’s foremost surfers and freedivers, this course represents the pinnacle of depth and specificity, uniquely customized for surfers. Unmatched in its focus, no other course globally offers such a detailed, surfer-centric approach to breath-hold training.

During this half-day program, you’ll immerse yourself in breath-hold training techniques, delve into the science behind breath-holding, and explore your personal limits. The curriculum covers preparation for hold-down situations, diaphragm development to enhance paddle outs, and effective breathing techniques to navigate challenging falls. Moreover, you’ll gain insights into the underwater landscape, understanding reef topography and how to leverage it to your advantage. Engaging in a series of pool and land exercises seamlessly integrated into your training regimen, you’ll receive a specially tailored program designed exclusively for surfers.

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