Aida 4 Freedive Course

The AIDA 4 course stands as the pinnacle of non-professional freediving training, representing the highest level of advancement in the sport.

Level 4
4 Day

Course Details

Usually, our Level 4 course is held during our international holidays because of its extended duration and the specific challenges it presents in the UK. Nonetheless, if you opt to pursue it locally and can dedicate the required time, we’re adaptable and can cater to your preference. Were blessed here in Cornwall with our own Inland dive site that has the depth to achieve and pass this course.


The AIDA 4 freediving course is priced at £500, covering quarry entry and all related fees, pool access, equipment rental, and certification.

This course is meticulously designed to elevate a freediver’s training beyond the AIDA 3 Freediver level. Tailored for those aspiring to pursue freediving beyond a recreational level, participants will delve deep into the techniques, knowledge, and safety protocols essential for deep freediving. This encompasses practices such as exhale diving and mouth fill equalizing. The curriculum encompasses various freediving disciplines, including Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea, Constant Weight, and Free Immersion, with a primary emphasis on Constant Weight.

In addition to in-water skills, students will explore full-body stretching, lung stretching, cross-training, and dietary considerations, all aimed at optimizing their freediving progression.

Upon certification as a level 4 freediver, individuals acquire the capability to assist on AIDA certification courses, often attaining an ‘Assistant Instructor’ designation.

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