Aida 3 Freedive Course

The AIDA 3 freediving course signifies the introduction to the world of deep freediving. Tailored to equip divers for exploring depths of up to 30 meters, participants start to immerse themselves in the sensations inherent in deep diving. Frequently, it serves as an enlightening moment, revealing a fresh and profound aspect of the freediving journey.

Level 3
3 Day

Course Details

Enrollment in this course requires prior completion of both the AIDA 1 and AIDA 2 courses. Over the span of three days (plus half a day of home study), participants delve into advanced freediving techniques, underpinned by a significantly more detailed theoretical foundation. The program includes practical drills and exercises conducted in both open water and the pool.


Priced at £450, this comprehensive 3-day freediving course encompasses multiple free entries to a 40m deep quarry for intensive yet enjoyable depth training. All necessary equipment is provided, though it’s recommended to consider acquiring personal gear at this stage. 

Ideal for individuals aspiring to explore depths beyond the Level 2 course, this level introduces a whole new dimension to diving, offering insights into the experiences of competitive freedivers and serving as a valuable step in that direction.

Furthermore, the course presents an excellent opportunity to refine rescue and buddy skills.

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