Aida 1 Freedive Course

Numerous avenues exist for starting freediving. The 1-star course serves as a foundational program encompassing essential techniques and theoretical knowledge for aspiring freedivers.

Level 1
1 Day

Course Details

Course costs £150 and includes pool hire and all equipment.

As an AIDA 1* candidate we ask that you transport yourself between local dive sites, please contact us if this will be an issue. (If you have your own wetsuit, we would recommend bringing it)

  • Equipment for freediving
  • Breathing for freediving
  • Equalisation
  • Safety for freediving
  • Freediving theory.


This Course enables you to train in pools across the country with clubs. If your looking to use Dive sites In the Uk or abroad you’d need the Aida 1&2 star certification.

You can complete the 2* at a later date or even the day after (subject to availability).

If you’re booking AIDA 1, you could save by booking both AIDA 1 & 2 together. Click the button for more info…

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