Aida 1 & 2 Extended Freedive Course

Conducted weekly from early May to late September in Cornwall, the AIDA 1&2 extended course is distinguished as the favored initiation into freediving. This captivating 3-day program effortlessly combines the foundational level of the AIDA educational structure with a day of pure excitement searching out cornwalls magic beneath the sea, Seals, dolphins and rich diversity of colourful seaweeds and intricate underwater caves and swim throughs all to be explored. delivering a thorough and enjoyable learning encounter.

Level 1 & 2 Extended
3 Day

Course Details

Embark on three day  thrilling and immersive days of training with us. The course fee is £425, covering pool rental, access to deep quarries if necessary, boats is additional  £35-£45 (subject to fair weather and tide conditions), training sessions, certification, and the inclusion of ALL necessary equipment.

By the end of the course you will have covered

  • Equipment for freediving.
  • Breathing for freediving.
  • Safety for freediving.
  • Preparation breathing.
  • Efficiency of movement.
  • Static apnea training for breath-holds of over 2 minutes.
  • Using freediving equipment.
  • Duck diving.
  • Equalisation.
  • Body positioning.
  • Finning style.
  • Buddying.
  • Deep dives to a minimum of 40ft 
  • Dynamic (distance) apnea of over 130ft

Starting the day with fundamental freediving theory and emphasizing proper breathing techniques, our schedule advances into a comprehensive pool session spanning a couple of hours. This pool training encompasses static breath holding, rescue techniques, and dynamic apnea. In the afternoon, our focus shifts to open water theory and relaxation training. We delve into achieving impeccable diving technique while utilizing a float with a line, conducting free immersion dives, and mastering depth buddy and rescue procedures. At Delphy Pool, our dedicated efforts are directed towards refining your style, prioritizing efficiency of movement and form as our primary objectives

On your second day as a freediver, you will delve into the intricacies of open water diving, learning how to navigate depths. Ensuring your safety, we employ dive lines and lanyards during our dives, with a concentrated emphasis on adopting the proper posture and achieving relaxation in deep diving scenarios. Whether it’s from a boat charter (weather permitting), the shoreline, or a private quarry (in inclement weather), we strive to offer top-notch instruction and exhilarating diving experiences. Following free immersion dives, we shift our focus to constant weight dives, fulfilling the depth requirements for the course. The examination may take place at the conclusion of either day one or two, so come prepared and review your notes beforehand.

Your third day is tailored to assist you in mastering any skills that may have posed challenges on days 1 and 2 or to potentially explore more advanced aspects.

Regardless of the focus of the final day, our aim is to maintain a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, enabling you to apply your newly acquired skills in the open sea, we will  embark on a quest to discover the underwater marvels hidden within canyons and swim-throughs, encountering seals and spider crabs amidst the breathtaking beauty of the ocean depths.

Cost £425

The course package covers pool hire, training, certification, and equipment. A boat charter is scheduled only under favourable conditions and is £35-£45 paid on the day. If you have your own wetsuit, we recommend bringing it for a potentially better fit, though we provide them free of charge. Participants must be over 16 years old, capable of swimming 200m unaided, and are required to complete a self-declaration medical form (available upon request prior to booking). To ensure optimal safety and teaching quality, all courses are conducted in small groups with a maximum 1:4 instructor to student ratio. The courses commence and conclude in Newquay, Cornwall, with daily sessions starting at 9:30 am and concluding around 4-6 pm

Due to limited spaces, secure your spot on the course by checking the booking calendar at the bottom of this page and making an online reservation. The live booking system displays available spaces for each course, and once booked, all courses are guaranteed to proceed. We have no minimum participant requirements and will not cancel on you. If you prefer a personal discussion before committing, feel free to contact us for phone booking. In the event that your desired date is fully booked (and no alternative date suits you), reach out to us, as we may be able to accommodate your request. Course deposits are accepted.Remember to bring along some old shoes or flip flops for walking at dive sites.For Delphy Pool equipment, we offer free hire; however, a £50 deposit is collected on the course day to cover potential damages or loss. This amount is a fraction of the cost of most equipment and is deemed reasonable for participants to cover in case of loss or damage. Refer to the detailed terms provided here.

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