Delphy Pool's Freediving Courses

Not sure where to start? Take a look below and see how we can help you achieve your goals

I want to discover the underwater world and see what my body and mind are capable of

We offer two distinct paths for novices entering the world of freediving: certification courses and non-certification courses.

AIDA 1-2 Course: Our most popular offering, the AIDA 1-2* course, seamlessly combines the first two levels of the AIDA educational ladder into an engaging 2-day experience. Some might wonder, “Why pursue a certification in freediving?” It’s not just about the card; it symbolizes possessing fundamental skills for safe freediving, showcasing your abilities to future freediving buddies. Additionally, certification grants access to certain dive sites that might be restricted otherwise.

Recreational Freediver Course: Designed for those seeking a more relaxed approach, the Recreational Freediver Course imparts the same knowledge as the AIDA 1-2* course without the performance requirements or specific depth concerns. Ideal for groups, team building, or individuals less confident in their water abilities, this course doesn’t grant a certification card, and may not include deep dives. However, participants gain a newfound skill and confidence in the water.

Discover Freediving Course: Conducted in the winter months, the Discover Freediving Course is a half-day pool session focusing solely on the breath-hold aspect of freediving. Serving as a primer, this course opens the door to the fundamental skill of breath-holding. Many participants find it to be a tantalizing taste that sparks a desire to delve deeper into the world of freediving.

I want to dive as deep as possible

It’s highly advisable to complete the entire spectrum of AIDA certifications, commencing with the AIDA 1-2* and progressing through the 3* and 4* levels.

Allow ample time for the courses; rushing through them in a single summer may not be realistic. Our priority is that you emerge as a skilled and confident freediver, and this often requires a thoughtful, paced approach.

Most individuals, especially those new to freediving, take a couple of seasons to master the skills associated with the 4* level. We encourage open communication about your goals, and together, we can tailor a plan specifically for your journey into freediving.

Although I can swim I’m quite freaked out by the water and I want to get more confident

Congratulations on taking the first step! This journey won’t be easy, but the rewards will be well worth it.

The initial phase is all about you. Equip yourself with a mask and snorkel, head to a sheltered beach, and immerse yourself in the underwater world. Even a deep rockpool can suffice.

Progress to swimming with a mask and snorkel, initially without fins, using breaststroke in calm and secure waters. While a swimming pool is suitable, the sea offers an even better experience.

Once you’ve gained confidence using fins, a mask, and a snorkel, it’s time to join us! Explore the excitement of our AIDA Level 1 course—a zero-pressure, enjoyable introduction to the world of freediving

I want to catch my own sustainable seafood

For those eager to explore spearfishing, we have several courses tailored just for you!

Discover Spearfishing Course (One Day): Ideal for those with limited time, this one-day course covers all the essentials—equipment, safety, and technique. While it introduces breath-hold skills, some participants find they desire more practice, leading to the next option.

2-Day Spearfishing Course: Delving deeper into both the diving and breath-hold aspects of spearfishing, this course offers extended practice under expert guidance. Suited for total beginners and more advanced spearos, it provides ample time for skill refinement.

Marine Foraging Course: If you prefer a gun-free approach, the Marine Foraging Course is an excellent alternative. Learn about seaweeds, crustaceans, mollusks, and shoreline plants that you can gather with just your hands. This course offers a unique perspective on underwater resources.

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